Rishikanth Chandrasekaran

Embedded Developer, Programmer & IoT Enthusiast


I am an IoT/embedded developer by passion and am pursuing my Masters in Computer Engineering at Columbia University to formalize the same. My passion & interest is in engineering new and innovative systems that will help improve the way humans interact with their surroundings and assist them with their everyday lives.

Scholastic Achievements

2017 | Best use of AWS | Best use of Nexmo

HackRU'17 Hackathon

2017 | Best Poster Award

ACM BuildSys'16 / Stanford University

2017 | Best Demo Runner Up

ACM SenSys'16 / Stanford University.

2016 | Top 10 at MLH Prime

MLH Spring Finale Hackathon

2016 | Google IoT Research Pilot Award

Awarded for proposal on Comfort Sensing & Smart Environments.

2016 | Best Developer tool by Github

HackRU'16 Hackathon

2014 | Winner

MIT Internet of Things Hackathon

2014 | Best Poster Award

MIT IoT 2014 / MIT, Cambridge

2007 | International 3rd Runner

UCMAS Mental Arithmetic

2007 | National Champion

UCMAS Mental Arithmetic


2015 – Present

Columbia University

MS in Computer Engineering

New York, USA

‐ Specialized in Cyber-Physical Systems & IoT.
‐ Graduate Research Assistant - ICSL
‐ Head TA for COMS 4701 Artificial Intelligence Course.
‐ TA for EECS 4764 Internet of Things - Intelligent & connected Systems.

2011 – 2015

Anna University - (SVCE)

Bachelor of Engineering - Electrical & Electronics

Chennai, India

Mostly spent on:
‐ research
‐ participating in various technical competitions
‐ building line followers bots for a hobby

Research Experience

2015 – Present

Intelligent & Connected Systems Laboratory (ICSL)

Graduate Research Assistant

Columbia University, New York

Working on research projects in areas of cybper-physical systems, IoT, Wearable Devices. My work in the projects - Realtime Energy Footprinting, SEUS: Pedestrian Safety & Comfort Sensing resulted in 3 publications and a proposal shortlisted for Google IoT Research Pilot Award.

2013 – 2015

Solarillion Foundation

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Chennai, India

I worked on projects in Embedded Systems & IoT across different hardware platforms & software tools. My work on designing low cost systems for Gesture Recognition & Smart Energy Metering produced 2 publications.

Background & Skills


Embedded Systems

Exposure to various Hardware Platforms (ARM, ATmega Family, STM, Raspberry Pi etc.), Sensors - Design & Interfacing (digital & Analog), Embedded Linux & Linux Kernel Programming.


Internet of Things

Building Energy (Occupant-Building-Computer interactions), Wearbale systems and Mobile devices, RESTful design. Artificial Intelligence and intelligent systems.


Digital Design

FPGA & ASIC Programming.


Programming Languages

C, C++, Python, Java, Verilog, Shell, Latex